ATM2 Active Therapeutic Movement: Certified Center.

What is the ATM-2 System®?

The ATM-2 is an Active Rehabilitation Treatment that places the patient in a PAIN-FREE functional weight-bearing position. Special resistive exercises are then performed thereby resetting central nervous system (CNS) muscle activation patterns…allowing an immediate and significant reduction in pain and restoration of function.

Over the course of several Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM) sessions, abnormal muscle firing patterns are significantly reduced and proper activation and strength are restored. This provides long lasting relief and correction of many musculoskeletal conditions.

Who can benefit?

Sports Enthusiasts
Chronic Pain Sufferers
Computer Workers
Students Carrying Back Packs
Injured Workers
Recurring Pain Sufferers
Anyone with pain upon movement!

What conditions can be treated?

Low Back/Neck Pain
Herniated & Bulging Discs
Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Problems
Hip Conditions
Scoliosis Correction
Posture Correction
Mid Back Pain
Knee Pain

Is this treatment right for me?

A simple 10-minute evaluation will tell us if you’ll respond to the ATM-2 system. If you experience a reduction in pain after one session then this treatment will work for you. If after one session you don’t have less pain then you won’t respond to ATM treatments and will not require future visits.

How long and frequent are the sessions?

Less than 10 minutes on average. Significant long-term relief is often gained in less than 10 sessions.

Does this therapy take the place of chiropractic adjustments or spinal decompression?

That depends on the situation. Some people might benefit from only ATM-2 therapy, others may need better joint alignment through spinal adjustments and some patients may need disc problems to be addressed through spinal decompression. By thoroughly evaluating each patient we can determine the best course of care to get you better fast and for the long-term.

Remember, not everyone is a candidate for this type of therapy.